Tommy Dreamer firma contrato por 1 Dia

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Tommy Dreamer firma contrato por 1 Dia

Mensaje por Hardymadrigal el Sáb Mayo 30, 2009 4:12 pm

La edición de ECW de este 26 de Mayo, confirmó un nuevo encuentro para el PPV Extreme Rules:

* ECW Title Extreme Rules Match: Christian ©️ vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer

podemos ver, será un match en formato Extreme Rules, lo que indica que
además de armas, el encuentro puede terminar en cualquier lugar de la
Un aspecto interesante sería saber si se usará el formato de
la original ECW, es decir, por eliminación, en lugar del formato WWE,
donde el luchador que rinde o cubre a otro, es el vencedor del match

Pero la GRAN pregunta es: ¿Podrá Tommy Dreamer obtener el título y retirarse como campeón?

que Dreamer había indicado que dejaría el ring WWE si no obtenía el
título antes de que su contrato terminara, y es un hecho que su
contrato estará finalizando 24 antes de que el PPV se celebre, la
explicación es que Dreamer firmó un “contrato por un día” para estar
compitiendo por el título esa noche, y si no lo consigue, quedara fuera


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Re: Tommy Dreamer firma contrato por 1 Dia

Mensaje por Dr2mer el Sáb Mayo 30, 2009 10:48 pm

Tuve tiempo de venir un dpia a ver como estaba la cosa... y ya dicen que Dreamer se retirará....

señores quiero que sepan quie cuando el dio su discurso en enero el dijo que dejaria la ecw.... no que se retiraría....

vean lo que el dice en su blog de

(La traduciría pero no tengo tiempo)

My goal of winning the ECW Title before June 6, 2009, has made me quite the internet darling. I would like to do something that I normally don't do. I am going to address different internet rumors that have been going around for quite sometime. Just like in high school rumors can be hurtful as well as make people feel insecure about their lives so here we go.

1.Tommy Dreamer will be retiring after his contract expires.

When I first made my speech I never said the words retire. Go back and replay it if you want, the words never came out of my mouth. I am not Brett Farve, Floyd Mayweather or my mentor Terry Funk. When I say the words retire, I am gone for good. No comebacks, no matches just gonna sit back and relax. I am way to young to call it quits. Plus with the economy the way it is I will have to be wrestling somewhere when I am deep into my seventies.

2.WWE and Tommy Dreamer have come to terms with a new contract.

WWE offered me a new contract about a month before I made my speech. WWE offered me a three year deal which was great. I have no problems with WWE. I spoke to Vince McMahon and told him my feelings and career aspirations and he fully supported them. I am a man that has to set goals and is responsible for my actions. I am not one to hang around and collect a paycheck. I did this to prove something to the fans and to myself.

3.Tommy Dreamer will be going to Raw or Smackdown after his contract expires as a loop hole to his speech.

I love wrestling on both of those shows whenever possible but to put it very bluntly. If I don't accomplish my goal I am gone from WWE, just like I said.

4. Tommy Dreamer will be going to TNA

I have close relationships with many of their wrestlers. I have nothing but great things to say about Dixie Carter. I have tons of respect for Jeff Jarrett for what he did in WWE as well as for taking a risk in starting your own company (been there it is so hard). I watch every week because I am a huge wrestling fan and enjoy the show. I am just seeing my journey to the end. Good or bad.

5.Tommy Dreamer will be new ECW GM

I think Tiffany does a great job. She is impartial which I can't be in that postion and she looks so much better than me in a skirt. I do not want a non wrestling role if things don't work out after June 6. I am all in as they say in poker. Win and I accomplish my dream. Lose and my dream is over

I wish some internet rumors could start about me like this one I am making up.

Recently backstage Tiffany and Mickie James got into a verbal altercation and then an actual fist fight because they both have secret crushes on Tommy Dreamer. Pass it along I think this one is true. God I hope so

Thanks for reading

Tommy Dreamer


eso aclara muchas dudas... esperemos que Tommy gane la pelea xD


nos vemos en 1 semana... y luego talvez en 2 meses.... Sad

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