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presentacion de JHON CENA

Mensaje por ichigo kurosaki el Jue Jun 11, 2009 6:48 pm

Entonces la pantalla comienza ha cambiar de color hasta que comienza la musica que todos conocen y adoran.

[Chorus: John Cena]
Your time is up, my time is now
You can´t see me, my time is now
It´s the franchise, boy I´m shinin now
You can´t see me, my time is now!

[John Cena]
In case you forgot or fell off I´m still hot - knock your shell off
My money stack fat plus I can´t turn the swell off
The franchise, doin big bid´ness, I live this
It´s automatic I win this - oh you hear those horns, you finished
A soldier, and I stay under you fightin
Plus I´m stormin on you chumps like I´m thunder and lightning
Ain´t no way you breakin me kid, I´m harder than nails
Plus I keep it on lock, like I´m part of the jail
I´m slaughterin stale, competition, I got the whole block wishin
they could run with my division but they gone fishin -
- with no bait, kid your boy hold weight
I got my soul straight, I brush your mouth like Colgate
In any weather I´m never better your boy´s so hot
you´ll never catch me in the next man´s sweater
If they hate, let ´em hate, I drop ya whole clan
Lay yo´ ass DOWN for the three second TAN


[Tha Trademarc]
Yeah, uhh
It´s gon´ be what it´s gon´ be
Five pounds of courage buddy, bass tint pants with a gold T
Uhh - it´s a war dance and victory step
A raw stance is a gift, when you insist it´s my rep
John Cena, Trademarc, y´all are so-so
And talk about the bread you make but don´t know the recipe for dough though
Aimin guns in all your photos, that´s a no-no
When this pop, you´ll liplock, your big talk´s a blatant no-show
See what happens when the ice age melt
You see monetary status is not what matters, but it helps
I rock a timepiece by Benny if any
The same reason y´all could love me is the same reason y´all condemn me
A man´s measured by the way that he thinks
Not clothing lines

Entonces en la entrada del titantron aparesco.

Entonces saludando ha todos comienzo ha bajar por el ring:

y pidiendo un microfono comienzo hablar.

JHON CENA: wou wou wou como estan publico??, bueno el dia de hoy me presento ante ustedes como JHON CENA!!! y soy la nueva contratacion de RAW apartir de ahora, a lo cual quisiera anunciarles que yo estoy aqui para ganar un titulo y no me rendire hasta conseguirlo

ichigo kurosaki

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